Fish Tales

It was about 7PM by the time the boat hit the water.  The temperature and humidity had been unbearable during the day.  As the Ranger Bass Boat hit the water, accelerated, and planed out at 50MPH, I knew I was in for something fun.  The speed scared my quite frankly.  Have you ever gone that fast on a boat?…on a bass boat about 1 foot above the water’s surface?  Scary. 

After about 2 hours of trying a few different lures and fishing methods, we settled into a nice cove under a moonlit sky.  Even without lights, navigation of the lake was a snap between nature’s flashlight and the shoreline developments.  Of course, we had GPS to rely on in case mother nature failed us.  I did my typical cast out about 40 feet while jawing about life and asking fishing questions of my guide.
As I reeled in my latest attempt to ruin a fish’s day, I had a snag.  I pulled a little harder…and my snag began to extract line from my reel at a wicked pace.  As the drag stopped creaking (creakin’ in Alabama), I could finally reel some line back in.  As I did, the line went limp as a "hog" of a fish leaped out of the water.  It sounded as though a man with my sized belly had done a flop about 30 feet away.  Again, my guide wailed with glee and amazement spewing out a mix of curse words and fishing lingo as I wrestled with this fish.  Hog, monster, and big daddy kept flowing out my guides mouth as I went from being able to reel and having the fish take out more line against my drag setting.

My excitement level was through the roof as I realized that I was hooked onto something big.  As the fish tired and neared the boat, I had visions of this bad boy falling of the hook or breaking the line.  Before long, this hog was in the boat.

Man oh man.  6 lbs and fatter than my forearm, this fish was taxidermy class for sure.  After glowing for about 1 hour and trying to catch another big dog, we called it a night. 

This was my first bass fishing trip EVER and I’m told that I’m probably ruined and wont likely catch such a fish ever again.  We released the fish back into the lake..with the hope that some day I’ll hold him up again for the camera.

Here is my prized catch (and release).




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