Follow up to the perfect steak podcast

Here’s the perfect steak podcast interviewee, Katie McLaughlin’s article in the WSJ.  Specifically, I was elated to have my suspicions/methods confirmed…about buying meat at Costco

At most stores, meat doesn’t tout any
grade, a pretty good sign that it’s USDA select, a tougher,
less-flavorful grade a notch below USDA choice. After my husband came
into the picture, I started buying USDA choice beef at Costco for
biweekly steak dinners.

As it happens, that’s exactly where the pros told me
to shop to find great beef — the first step in my steak-cooking quest.
Elias Iglesias, the 14-year veteran executive chef at the New York
branch of Morton’s, says though he uses prime at the restaurant, he
happily cooks choice meat at home, often buying whole loins at big-box
stores such as BJ’s or Costco.

My friend recently told me he was building a "Lagering Refrigerator" for aging/fermenting beer under lower, temperature controlled conditions.  I may build a dry aging meat locker in the man cave now.  Will we ever leave the house again?




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