From One Cautious Analyst To Another

I took one of those personality tests on Personal DNA’s Website.  I knew what the outcome would be, since I’ve done this many times before…but it’s still fun to see if there’s some part of me that’s changed since the last test.  I’m a CAUTIOUS ANALYST.

Since Enron, there’s been a lot of talk and media about "Extroverted CEO’s" who are the star of the show.  But slowly, there’s more attention being paid to the fact that "Not All Successful CEO’s Are Extroverts."

This USA Today piece highlights that some CEO’s are actually uncomfortable in many social situations and would rather be left alone.

One key point is that sometimes shyness and quietness is viewed as calmness and wisdom.  I couldn’t agree more.  Nothing is more painful than a bloviating leader who tries to fill in every quiet millisecond with a nugget of nothingness.  Know anyone like that?  I’ve become far more comfortable with silence in the last few years and it has served me well.  Often I’ve gotten to the root cause of many issues but letting someone back themselves into a corner and work to get out…while using short sentences and 15 second pauses. 



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