Argh!  I sent this email to the Marketing Manager, Laura Manatt at the Iowa Speedway, our new and wonderful raceway here in Newton Iowa. 

Hi Laura:
Do you have any plans to offer RSS feeds of news and
upcoming events on the site? It would extremely helpful and is a great
marketing tool.  Thanks for letting me know.

Below is the response I received:

Please sign up for ou fan club out on the
website.  We will send you updates from time to time regarding activities out
here at the track.


I understand the response and I’m not angered at it’s simplicity and redirect…but it didn’t answer my question…and I’m sharing the way in which I’d like to be marketed to!  How valuable is that?  I have signed up for the "Fan Club" already anyway and I’ve not received jack since I did.  I don’t want to sign up again…besides email updates are NOT the preferred method of receiving information for me, nor is it for throngs of hungry bloggers and others that had NO IDEA that NASCAR Nextel Cup teams were practicing at the Speedway today and through this week!  I found out from a friend who visits daily (even though they don’t offer feeds…he still goes there religiously which is more than I’d do)  It’s so darn simple to capture an additional stream of people’s attention if you use a tiny bit of nearly free technology to market yourself. 

Rusty Wallace, please find this post in the blogosphere and get a blog and some RSS feeds going…I want to spend money and attend your facility…but I don’t know what’s happening there.



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