Getting Reflective

I’m sitting here on my deck in the perfect breezy Midwest Saturday afternoon, kids napping, wife on a well deserved weekend scrap booking retreat about 1 hour away from Des Moines.  I’m having a few well crafted beers and am finishing up what will be the first cigar of about 3 today, a Cusano 10th anniversary BOLD cigar that spares no tastebud.  I’m in a lounge chair that happens to be directly across from the french doors that lead from the house to the deck.  One of the doors is open…one stationary and I can’t help but clearly see my reflection in the glass. 

I don’t often take to blatant narcissism…but I found myself staring into the reflection.  I noticed my gray hair, now pervasive.  I noticed that I looked like two kids’ daddy. I looked like a devoted (and sometimes lazy) husband.  I contemplated how far I’ve come in the last few years, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown…and I was satisfied.  I was satisfied to sit there and stare knowing that I’ve accepted what I’ve done…and that I still have the fire in my belly to learn, do, and become. 

My time was interrupted as is often is by an 18 month bounding toward me, smiling so brightly, saying "daddy daddy".  I picked her up, squeezed her hard and whispered….I love you baby in her ear.  She wont remember this…but I will for the rest of my life.



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