Goin’ back to Cali…Cali…

I arrived in Ontario CA last night at about 10:30PM…my first trip back since we moved to Clive, IA in early November.  It was a pleasant drive actually so I’m guessing that the local schools must still be out.  It’s forecasted to be 82 or so today…and presently at home it’s a balmy 29 degrees.  As I walked into my office and said hi to everyone, I was instantly overcome by a sense of peace and calm that comes from knowing you made the right decision.  Nothing has changed here.  Nothing is different.  Nothing stopped or was altered when I left.  And that’s the point.  My decision to leave and whisk my family away to a new land where we know few people and have to deal with cold weather has changed ME for the better.  It’s not been without its bumps.

Recently, Steph sat me down and effectively said, "OK, enough is enough with the planning stages of this new house, new routine, new life," etc.  She told me, "You need to start executing on what you want to do and make this happen because I’m tired and overwhelmed." 

I couldn’t agree more.  It’s amazing at how men can get of course, immersed in what’s important for them, and focused on nothing in particular.  What’s more amazing, at how much a committed wife can support you through this phase and can set a course correction with a 15 minute conversation. 



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