Great General Synopsis on Working From Home

Matthew Stibbe posted a great piece today on working from home.  The key take away that I believe many home workers don’t get is to "be businesslike".  The concept of the home worker being a smelly, unshaven, unwashed lump is pervasive.  Dress well, get out and meet other telecommuters often.  I learned a valuable lesson in my business career that is still an absolute constant:  It’s NEVER bad to be the best dressed person in a room……EVER…no matter what the popular fashion is for the day. 

Also, I’d like to fill in some items not covered by Mr. Stibbe.  If one has family at home, we have 2 kids under 4, establish clear rules and regs with your stay-at-home wife/mom about "interruptibility".  My guideline was that I’m technically "not there" from 8-5 daily.  Thus, I can get up at 5AM and get about 2 hours in before everyone else is up…and still cook the kids breakfast and get my boy ready for pre-school…then dart into the office without announcing my intentions whatsoever.  My wife is great this way. 

Additionally, I like to have the office be a peaceful and calm place.  I took some cues from Steve Pavlina on this one.  It may sound a bit hokey…but scented candles (cue the "Ladies Man" quotes from SNL), a water fall fountain, relaxing music, plants, etc. make the office feel more conducive to brilliant thinking…and perhaps moderately dim writing.



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  1. Hmmm. I have to say that I don’t dress up to go to work! But since I work alone, I’m always the best dressed man in the room Still, the point is well-made. I do a lot of work for the UK government, and I remember showing up at a high-level meeting once in jeans once because it just hadn’t occurred to me to change. Twenty-odd senior civil servants, police and industry bosses around a table and I’m presenting something to them looking like I just got off a long flight from New York. Ooops!

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