Half Full?

I’ve been tagged by Tom V to discuss my Half-fullery prompted by Starbucker.  Without further delay, engage..

  1. How full is your glass? It’s about 80% of the way full right now.  There are some key things in life left to execute on that will top me off. 
  2. What kind of glass is it? It’s a YOU’RE FIRED coffee mug from the Apprentice Collection in the AM.  A Shrek III tumbler in the afternoon.  A crystal wine glass in the evening.
  3. What’s in the glass?  Costco Mega Can of Dark Roast, Water, & Various red wines.
  4. Reasons for #1, #2, and #3 It’s good for the money, it keeps me healthy, it keeps me healthy (and sane).



One thought on “Half Full?”

  1. Hi Doug, thanks for participating in this meme. You are the first to have a glass for each part of the day (wish I had thought of that!). Here’s to our favoritie liquids, and keeping our sanity! All the best.

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