Having trouble exporting to mp3 in garage band ’08?

Have you ever created a beautiful audio track or podcast in Garage Band, (ver 4.1.2) only to not be able to export it to mp3?  I did everything right.  I of course found the menu, selected export to disk, chose my settings, and hit export.  Only problem was the file NEVER appeared.  After about 20 attempts and believing for certain that I had some larger issue and searching the cloud…I found someone with same problem.

Turns out, Garage Band doesn’t like long file names.  A quick rename was all it took and I was back in business.  Unreal.  If you suffer this problem as a new Mac/Garage Band user and have found this post, I take checks and/or PayPal for that hour of productivity I just saved you.  It was my pleasure.  I’ll use the funds to get hair plugs and Grecian Formula.

On another note, I love my shiny new iMac.  The keyboard alone seems gloriously pleasant. 



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