Hey…I Just Realized….My Newspaper Delivery is Spotty

During the course of conversation about various forms of journalism, marketing, and media at our first Friday of the month meet up, I realized that I hadn’t called to complain or really noticed all that much that my newspaper delivery has beens spotty at best.  I should be upset…but I seem to fine with my RSS feeds and my local talk radio on WOWFM 98.3.

Hummm.  Newspaper seems awfully irrelevant to me these days.  Besides, if I want an "ad filled book", there are plenty out there with glossy pages that don’t turn my fingers black.



2 thoughts on “Hey…I Just Realized….My Newspaper Delivery is Spotty”

  1. LOL I know the feeling! We haven’t subscribed for 14 years. I was pregnant (read: hormonal), and they were NOT hitting the porch with the paper. I called and complained several times; one day I noticed a paper up on the roof – it happened to be on a day that I had complained. I wasn’t sure if it was that day’s paper, but I was determined to find out. So I put the ladder up to the house and climbed up to fetch the paper – sure enough, it was that day’s issue. I called and cancelled that day, and we have not subscribed since. When they call now, I tell ’em we will never subscribe again because their people are either too stupid or too lazy to get the paper on the porch. Come to think of it, they haven’t called for quite some time! LOL ~ Janet

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