Home network trek 6.0: A new beginning

I’m staring at it…the bag.  It’s from Best Buy and it has a new router and a vonage telephony box in it.  I’m frozen…motionless…tormented by what the bag contains and what it means to my home network.  I asked the guys at Best Buy if there was any difference between the Linksys and the DLINK and he muttered something about security and backwards compatibility.  I was kind of numb at that point. 

I spent a good a good 6 months on and off getting my live web cam to stream onto this blog.  You’ll recall, I went through a ton of customer disservice back then but ultimately arrived at my current solution.  Why change routers now?  I use a VPN quite a lot and no matter what I do, my current Linksys WRTP54G (built in vonage) either drops the connection or times out randomly all day long.  I don’t know why…it’s got the latest firmware, etc.  It just does.  I have a 1mb up and 10mb down cable connection that is excessively fast…but my machine acts like I’m on dial up.   

I know what the experience will be like if I call customer service.  The DLINK people are the same that told me to "let my camera rest" once during an hour long customer service session.  Let it rest as though the electronics were "tired"!!! 

I just have to take baby steps…open the bag…and get through this. 

More to come.



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