Honda Airtaxi Is Here

Will over at 2-Speed posted on one of the most awesome developments in aviation history…the release of the Honda VLJ (Very Light Jet).  I’m not a pilot, nor do I intend to become one.  However if there were a fleet of these babies offering me a hassle free business trip along with Honda’s safety and reliability to back it up…I’m on it.  Of course Honda will be about 30% more fuel efficient than its competition…standard fare for Honda.  Honda’s design will provide a quieter ride and more interior space too.  Sound familiar?  I’m just wondering if they’ll keep their concept of packaging options in the LX or EX models.  "I’d like the 420 knot, 6 seater, EX model…does that come with A/C, leather, and navigation?"

As reported by Will, "The big news is that Honda just announced that they have taken orders
for well over 100 of these piloted missiles in the first 30 days of
sales.  At $3.65M per plane, it appears that their move into the
aerospace market has been validated by potential customers.  Honda is
applying for FAA approval now and expects to be shipping planes to
customers in 2010."

When we have fleets of thousands of these jets in the air…the business models of traditional air carriers will be challenged yet again.  I don’t think they’ll survive the next salvo without massive disruption and business model flux.  The only problem I see is pilot training and safety.  Some of these jets are so "easy to fly" from what I’ve read and require less hours than their larger cousins, that I’m afraid we’ll see a bunch of them making boo boos that cost lives.



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