HP 2605dn Laser Printer: Tip on how to keep printing when the color toner cartridges are out or need replaced

If you don’t have the HP 2605dn 4 cartridge color laser printer (widely available at Costco about 2 years ago) you can skip this post.

This printer has a little quirk that I’ve just discovered.  The printer reports that I’m my color cartridges are ALL EMPTY.  I know they were winding down, but all 3 at the same time…no way.  It turns out that the printer "spins all of the cartridges each time something is printed, " so from a pure "spin count" these things are toast. 

However like many of you, I do much more black printing than color.  So, there is a fix.  Instead of running out and buying all 3 color cartridges, you simply have to override the printers desire to make you buy them to continue on in life.

Here’s the fix.


I’m back in action.  Of course I’ll have NO warning when one of the color cartridges actually does run out…but now I can at least continue on and buy when necessary.

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