I can’t believe I’m watching the Tour de Surrender DAILY

Sorry, that title made it through the editor.
I find myself glued to the TV watching the VS (Versus channel???) and their coverage of the Tour de France.  I never realized the strategy involved in cycling…nor did I appreciate the team work and team orders to get "the man" to the front and protect him. 

The crashes are nasty and at one point yesterday they were doing 50MPH on a relatively flat section.  Do you realize there’s only a thin layer of man made materials between skin and pavement at that point? 

There was a nasty crash or two of course that probably ruined one dude’s Tour chances. 

I’m beside myself that the "breakaway group" from the Peloton..(the big gaggle of spandex laden thin guys)…gets out in front…then the "big machine" cranks on, invariably catches the breakaway, then leaves the "superheroes" crying off to the side of Le Road.  I guess it’s all about group think (we can do it), group drafting (cycling and NASCAR have ONLY this in common), and trading spots as the "lead swan cutting the air for the others on their flight from their posts while waving white flags as….(sorry again…editor out for coffee). 

I’d invite you to watch as well.  If nothing else, you’ll see the crazy fans and camera men on motorcycles nearly colliding at every corner and that’s worth a franc or two.  So cozy up with a Pernod, some Brie, and perhaps a carton or two of Marlboro Reds…and join the fun!

I’m starting to appreciate yet another sport that I will never participate in at a competitive level. 



One thought on “I can’t believe I’m watching the Tour de Surrender DAILY”

  1. Once you actually see whats going on, the Tour is pretty friggin cool. Sorta like a like a 3000 mile roller derby.
    Now if I can just find my Brie………

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