I know an Iron Man (and it isn’t Ozzy)

My good friend, German 101 classmate, and CA golfing buddy Derek sent me a link today.  It appears that his son Trevor has just completed an Iron Man Triathlon event.  First congratulations to Trevor…this is at the top of the list in physical accomplishments that I can think of.  I appreciate it even more now that I’m into my 6th week of triathlon training.  Now make no mistake, an Iron Man is ridiculously long and it makes my little Hy-Vee Triathlon seem easy.  Everything is relative I guess. 

Trevor’s step by step tale of how he felt seems to follow the typical pattern of feeling great, going into a zone, questioning everything and wanting to die…followed by euphoria. 

For those that don’t know, an Iron Man consists of the following…and yes they’re all one right after the other:

  1. 3.8k swim (2.4 miles)
  2. 180k bike (112 miles)
  3. 42.195km run (26.2 miles, i.e. a marathon)

Good work Trevor.



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