I had a ConverStation with Mike Sansone

Today I attended a very informative workshop put on by Mike Sansone of ConverStations.com.
A fellow Des Moines’er (Des Moinesian, Des Moinesite), Mike guided our group through the basics of blogging for business in a very upbeat way.  The group ranged from "What’s a blog" types to those fairly adept at the blogging world.

What struck me was that among this random sample of people, about 90% responded that "They have blogged before".  That’s pretty good and I got the sense that much of this blogging effort was family oriented, picture posting, etc.  When asked what RSS feeds were, about 10% raised their hands.  This part blew me away.  After thinking about it though, that’s how my "blog knowledge progression" worked.  Start blogging first…then start making it easier for people to find you, then start building a library of RSS feeds that "feed my quest" for knowledge and community. 

The power of RSS feeds (versus email, etc.) is early in its power curve but quite frankly if a site doesn’t provide me the means to subscribe to a feed to get what I want, when I want it, I almost always pass on it.  I do let the tech heads/webmasters at these sites know that they’re missing a chance to own my attention..but I rarely get a response.

I had a chance to share some of my blogging experience with the group and to see some attendees "totally blown away" by what they heard.  It’s tough to realize (deal with, accept, comprehend) in about 120 minutes that you MUST understand a new paradigm or technology to compete in the today’s business climate.  I’m pretty certain that most attendees will engage Mike to assist them in their endeavors to become dynamic, relevant, and find-able.



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