I know why they do it…but

An article appeared in the April 10 issue of Business Week entitled, "Making Bangalore Sound Like Boston."

I’ve written about overseas call center madness before…but his article discusses how companies are turning more towards on-line chat and email to reduce the frustration of not being able to effectively communicate with overseas call center employees. 

The net of this move is to further disconnect the customer from what they want…by forcing them to "chat" about it on-line…no matter how poorly they may type.  My experience with on-line help chat is the following:

  1. e-trade:  There was an English speaking US resident on the other end who could type fast and had a US frame of reference.  How do I know? Her name was Dora.  Anyone who has kids knows who Dora The Explorer is…and we joked about it.  (great experience).
  2. unnamed technical product company:  chat responses were so PAINFULLY slow (probably because said person was trying to look up the appropriate response) that I simply said, "I give up…goodbye".
  3. cable provider:  after many questions about what I was possibly doing wrong…"We don’t support Microsoft Outlook" showed up on my screen.  I switched to DSL later than month.



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