I need my Honda Air Taxi

I need to go to California for what will likely be a 4 hour meeting on the 3rd of November.  This will inevitably mean leaving on the 2nd, dealing with a connection, and the associated hassles now synonymous with air travel. 

The ticket on most normal airlines and most normal times is about $800-$1000 at this point from Des Moines to Ontario, CA.  (Southwest doesn’t fly to DSM so let’s forget for a moment that I could drive 2 hours to Omaha and get a reasonably priced ticket OK).

Is there any alternative out there for me that exists today…while I wait for my Honda Air Taxi service to evolve?  Can I hitch a ride on someone’s jet just once here…I’ll pay!  Is there a site out there that matches excess private jet capacity with folks like me begging for it? 



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