I Watched “The Secret” DVD

The Secret
What an excellent production.  I was really captured by its imagery, sound, and contributors.  It began very DaVinci Code…and ended up with a very clear message.

Since I’ve been a student of self-improvement ideas for quite some time, I’m not so sure I heard anything brand new as far as content goes.  As far as approach, I think they’ve really struck a nerve.  The "Law of Attraction" says that anything you think about you’ll manifest…bad or good.  Simplifying self-improvement down to "think right and the good will flow" is a tremendous burden removed for many.  There’s far less science or effort perceived by the individual…although I believe affecting the change on oneself is equally as tough. 

Takeaway: The way in which The Secret presents its concepts and simplifies the techniques to achieving abundance is excellent and very palatable to the populous today.  The world will be a much better place if we begin to emit the positive energy of gratitude, thankfulness, and peace.  You are what you focus on. 



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  1. Doug,
    I just watched The Secret for the first time last night! Agreed, a simple and completely logical approach to improving ones life. I began practicing the “law of attraction” this morning before my feet hit the floor. I’ll be anxious to talk to you in more detail!!
    Stay warm!

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