If you blog…are you saying “Get to know me?”

I’ve tried numerous times to reach out to a few regional business and venture capital bloggers.  Just introductions, comments, etc..and in some cases have never received a response. 

As a blogger, I feel like I’m hanging a sign that says, "Hi there, if you join the conversation with me (after all not that many really do), I’m going to reciprocate…or at least say "Roger that.  10-4.  Over and out".

I’m not needy and don’t take it personally (wiping the tears away), just curious to see what the impression is out there.  I can see that an uber blog receiving 100 comments  a day may not respond to a folksy "hello" email.  But honestly, I do get responses from nearly every A-List blogger I’ve ever emailed.  I’ve even gotten a voice mail from Seth Godin in response to a comment I made. 

When regional bloggers don’t seem to have time to say hello and make a connection on related topics after multiple attempts, it just makes you think about the purpose of a blog anyway.



One thought on “If you blog…are you saying “Get to know me?””

  1. It’s not surprising to me that you would receive responses from nearly every A-List blogger you ever emailed. In most cases it’s their job. On the other hand, many business people have decided to blog but may not have the time nor the inclination to spend every moment on their blog.
    I wouldn’t be too hard on bloggers that cannot respond to every comment. If the blog provides some great information it is worthwhile in my book.
    This is not a criticism of you but sometimes I think bloggers take themselves too seriously. The purpose of a blog may be as varied as the number of bloggers. And the “conversation” you speak of is often overhyped. But of course not with your blog.

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