If you’re a race fan…get to know this name: Joey Logano

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Tom Blasko and fellow Iowa blogger Matt Owen of US Rodeo Supply out at the Iowa Speedway and what a day it was.  I think we solved the world’s problems and agreed that it’s very exciting to build businesses…and not so exciting to have a "job".  Spending the day with Matt also inspired me watch a PBR event on TV when I got home too. Between the 3 of us, we vetted another 3-5 spin off business concepts too.  Is cloning perfected yet?

We watched a fantastic NASCAR Grand National series race (the series just below NASCAR Busch series) in which a 16 year old kid beat Kevin Harvick.  Fox Sports full report here. Mind you, this is the same Kevin Harvick who the night before won over $1 million in the Nextel Cup All-Star race in Charlotte.  For Harvick’s second place finish, he landed a whopping $9,500. 

I admire racers because most seem to be absolute fanatics about it.  They spend their rest days flying in the corporate jet to little old Iowa Speedway (which by the way held nearly 25k people yesterday) to bang and grind and fling rubber bits all day long…for $9,500.  Heck, even Joey Logano as the winner received a mere $14,300.  (Way below what we guesstimated Matt!)  It’s not about the money as much as it is a passion for winning and doing what you love…and money is a nice by-product.  (warning: rule applies to business too).

I think Iowa Speedway has really done things right and the fans get a wonderful short track, close, 3-wide racing experience that is tough to match.  I’d highly recommend the smoked sausage from Kin Folks Bar-b-Que as well but don’t tell my trainer that.  Reading blogs yet Steve?



One thought on “If you’re a race fan…get to know this name: Joey Logano”

  1. I’m still grinnin from ear to ear! Perhaps the fumes…perhaps the atmosphere…perhaps the company…maybe the combination of it all. Either way I haven’t been this excited in a long time.
    Thanks so much for inviting me to tag along.
    You converted me to a NASCAR fan….hopefully I’ve converted you to a bull riding/PBR fan!
    Let’s do it again soon!!!

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