I’m almost done posting on Mediacom

Mediacom just keeps entering my life.

  1. They came to disconnect the cable from my street or whatever they do.  The guy was very pleasant.  He handed me a photocopied flier like something out of a high school ASB campaign offering me a deal if I came back. I crumbled it in front of him with a smile.
  2. I forgot to turn off my "auto-pay" feature in my banking software. Oops.  They have more of my money.  When asked about a refund, "It will be 10-12 weeks".  I wonder if I can get free cable and not pay my bill for that long? 
  3. Despite my confirmations 3X with the guy at the counter that I was all clear and fully free from Mediacom, account closed, etc., they called me again yesterday asking for a missing "modem from when they swapped out the standard one for the VOIP one 2 years ago.  "So I’m totally clear right?"  "Yes sir".  Great.  If I get a $150 ding for a $29 modem that they’ve misplaced…..

Here come da pain!



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