I’m an even bigger Khosla fan

The good folks at the Domestic Fuel blog posted a great piece highlighting speeches given by the American Petroleum Institute CEO Red Cavaney and green energy superman VC Vinod Kohsla.  Cindy links to audio clips too.

The bottom line here is that Kohsla is pitching the "real deal" transformation that I believe America is ready for…and willing to pay for.

Following is quoted:

Khosla outlined a three mandates to make that “e85 future happen.”
1. Mandate that 70 percent of all new cars made in America be flex-fuel
cars to “ensure that the consumer can pick the cheapest fuel that is
2. Mandate that at least ten percent of all U.S. gas stations, either
“owned or branded by any of the major suppliers” offer e85.
3. Make the current 51 cent blender’s credit a variable credit to
insure against drastic ups or downs in oil prices. “I’m recommending a
25 cent credit at $75 oil and a 75 cent credit for $25 oil.”

I’m ready to rock and when my lease is up (or when Honda jumps on board and makes a retro-fit E85 kit)



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  1. Doug,
    Just wanted to let you know we accepted your blog at iBlog Business. Also, you’ve sparked my curiosity to ask what exactly is “Geo-Arbitrage?”
    BTW- Keep up the great work.

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