I’m A Simple Cave Man

I’ve finally furnished the man cave with leather furniture.  This room is about to become my enclave, my sanctuary, my library, my lounge.  I’ve adorned it with comfort items, warm colors, and animal skin.  It is here where the worlds problems will be solved and books will be read.  Likely, my boy will learn his cave habits as well. The room has been a year in the making and it got me thinking…

What drives the inner desire of man to have his own "cave"?  Is it really "prehistoric behavioral vestiges" that drive man to have a place in which to think, ponder, and escape?   Why is it that men are usually "given" the garage or a corner of the basement to do with as they wish by their wives? 

I believe that we humans are driven by animalistic, prehistoric, "survivalist" instinct more than we acknowledge. 

The cave provides that place for man to escape and ponder without the chatter of "the tribe".  The cave is a comforting place for man to recede into his thoughts and look deep for the strength and courage that leads him to make sound decisions for the tribe.  The cave provides a safe training ground for man to pass on customs, stories, wisdom, and morals to his offspring.   The cave is where battle plans…and plans for retreat are born.  The cave is where simplicity and functionality give man easy access to the mind set and environment to be instantly productive.  The cave provides man the opportunity to retreat, let his emotional
guard down, and weep over things when it’s not appropriate to share
those feelings with the tribe.

I am but a simple cave man.   



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