In need of graphic artist

Hello all.  I’m looking for:

  1. A graphic artist on the cheap.
  2. A struggling student artist who will do something for me and reap the credit when everyone sees his/her work.
  3. Someone that can take a scene, let’s say with two people in it, and turn that scene into a "line drawing" or curvy outline image that conveys the same scene as in the movie but only with outline.  I’m sure there’s a term for this in the business but I don’t have a clue.
  4. I’m trying to create a graphic that will go onto a t-shirt and other logo type items.

If you can help or direct me toward these persons, I will be most grateful.  Budget is $50-$100.  I have a very clear vision of what’s needed so there won’t be a lot of "paid discovery" time.

Thanks all!



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