Into 3rd Training Day of the “Hundred Pushups” Routine

U.S. Marines count out push-ups.

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I’ve decided that in my "post triathlon figure out what the next challenge will be" mode…it’s best to not think too deeply and just act.  So I’m going to spend the rest of the busy summer doing isometric, plyometric, core, and other alternative fun stuff to build a strength base while cutting fat through the end of August.

Part of that plan is the quest to do 100 consecutive push ups by leveraging the plan over at Hundred Pushups.

I’m doing well and the rest day into between training days seems to be just enough time to recover.  You don’t realize how great push ups are in a workout routine until you’re doing 65+ in a session. 

Remember, it’s probably better to be able to lift your own body weight to get out of a tough physical situation than proclaim, "But in the gym I can lift 75lb dumbellssssssssssss" as you fall. 

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