Iowa Tobacco Tax Collectors Calling

We received an envelope from the state telling us we owed tax money due the state from cigarettes purchased online.  We don’t smoke, but a relative that visited for 2 weeks procured boxes of smokes online, and had them sent here, in our name of course.  Thus, we’re paying the tax.

The forms don’t actually say, "You bought these 10 items, etc."  It says, "you are responsible for the tax so call and tell us what you bought".  I’m guessing the law suits they’ve filed only release names and that it happened not exactly how much was bought.

In any case, we’ve now had to endure phone calls and discussions with state folks that really don’t have anything to do with us because they ask you what you bought, they tell you how much to pay, etc.  Totally inefficient and bothersome.  I was half tempted to tell the lady that whatever happened, I never received anything and that I don’t know what she’s talking about…and if she called again, I’d call the Attorney General.  The total by the way is $18.60.  Merry XMAS relative smoke buyer 🙂 

The message here is that if you’re going to buy smokes online and avoid paying taxes…to do it in someone else’s name so they get nabbed with the bill vs. you.  Wait, I mean don’t smoke but if you do, buy from David’s Briar Shop in the Merle Hay Mall…..(or in Ontario Mills Mall in CA….no really his aunt runs it).



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