Iowa Has Been Googled

I’ve been reading teasers about this for months, but it was announced today that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is going to build a server farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa…just across the Missouri River from Omaha. Now there’s something more cool than "The starting city of last year’s RAGBRAI" to talk about)  (Forbes Article Here). This is a massive boon to Council Bluffs I’m sure and pretty cool for the state in general.

The bottom line is that GOOG is concerned about power and the consistent delivery thereof.  MidAmerican Energy Co.
      MDPWL.PK  (Thank you Mr. Buffett) just spent $1.2 billion upgrading their systems, etc. 

Bring on the anti-GOOG crowd now to discuss conspiracy, corporate welfare, and invasion of privacy, etc.



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