Iowa Speedway…Here We Come!

If you’re into racing, you know that Iowa has its very own world class racing facility called the Iowa Speedway.  This track is a 7/8 mile, variable banked, tri-oval.  It was designed and partly funded by the NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace. 

During it’s inaugural season, the track had a couple race weekends and a concert.  However, 2007 is packed with 11 events and 3 stand alone concert events TBD.  The track isn’t big enough to attract NASCAR Nextel Cup series races…but it could land Truck Series and possibly Busch Series races (two subsets of NASCAR if you’re not into the sport) by 2008.  It seats about 22k people now and they have space to bring that number way up if they start selling out.

Yesterday the family and I drove the family out to Newton, Iowa to check it out and to speak with someone about The Newton Club membership options.  This is the speedway’s "Country Club" type membership that affords members:  the same great seats for every race, entrance into an air conditioned 10k square foot private club facility with food, beverages, entertainment, etc., a private patio area to mingle, special close up parking, and "front row seating" for their concerts.  The net result…..I DID IT!  I have 4 seats, right on the finish line stripe, for the rest of my life!  Now the family and I (and of course friends) can enjoy my favorite pastime in complete comfort.  See below for my seat location.  If you need to know where I am…I’m at the races baby!  Ka Chowwwwww!  My boy is very excited to visit Lightning McQueen’s house on a regular basis….and daddy can’t wait to smell the exhaust! 





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