It’s “Like so not likeable”

I’m sitting here in the lounge area waiting for my flight from Des Moines to Chicago…and I cannot help overhear boistrous phone conversations and the inevitable buzz of groups of sales people waiting to fly out to make presentations about this or that.  I’ve been noticing for a long time that people today,  use the word "like" to fill space in conversation. 

I realize that this progression has been ramping up for years…perhaps it started with the valley girl "explosion" in the early 80’s…I’m not sure.  However, it’s at a point now where I even catch myself saying it now and again. 

Here’s a few sentences I just overheard…"She was like….upset because when they got there…the projector was like…not working or something…and then the hotel didn’t even care…she was like devastated."  This was a professional looking person who works for a very large insurance company based here in Des Moines.  Odd.  The sentence works quite well without the LIKES in it. 

I’m sure there’s some kind of phrase that defines the use of LIKE today…perhaps it’s called a "connector" or "filler" somewhat similar to the "You know what I’m sayin’?" so frequently put forth by rap stars during conversations.  I’ve even heard those words used far more than others in interviews.

Either way, I will attempt to use this gripe of mine to educate my kids in proper grammar and linguistic style.

Wouldn’t that be…LIKE totally cool?



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