I’ve Heard All of these in the last 30 days

Guy Kawasaki does it again.  He’s created the Top Ten Lies of Engineers. 

Here’s my take on these: 

The reason why many companies go under, underperform, and generally just blow investor money is because entrepreneurs and leaders of these "engineers and software developers" don’t hold these people accountable for these lies, call them out immediately upon hearing them, or FIRE them early enough in the development cycle before they’re become "too valuable to fire right now". 

I’d like to add #11 to Guy’s list:

#11 – There’s nothing out there that will fully meet our needs so we need to develop this in house.

No solution will EVER reach 100% effectiveness for you, even if you develop it inside, so your job is to be a BUSINESS PERSON and reach the best possible solution for the lowest possible price that achieves say 80% of what you want and just move on.



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