Joel Kotkin takes a stroll down bell bottom way

I’m always juiced when Mr. Kotkin puts out another opinion piece because his work is "littered" with facts, pragmatism, and reality.  How odd.

His piece called,  "Playing That ’70’s Funk Again, but Not in a Good Way" appears today in the Washington Post.  Kotkin reminds us in his writings that our human species has the tendency to forget the past when examining the present.

Kotkin says,

The country is in a funk. Oil prices are at record highs, and the
dollar is plummeting. Foreigners are buying out leading U.S. business
assets. Environmentalists say the world is headed toward an ecological
crackup of biblical proportions.

Today’s headlines? Well, yes. But for those of us old enough to
remember, they could just as easily be bulletins from one of the
grimmest decades in recent U.S. history: the ’70s.

I believe that the way we handle the ebbs and flows of societal-economic condition is distinctly determined by parental training.  I have a vibrant working dad that didn’t have much time to lift his head from the grindstone (in Southern CA, we called this a commute) to be gloomy.  He also showed me by example that work is plentiful no matter what the man in the "Idiot Box" says.  Watching Star Trek and its positive messages about hope, integrity, and inter-galactic relations just before bed served us far better than listening to Jerry Dunphy tell us about record gas prices in Azusa

That’s probably why I have developed such zeal for working in start up companies.  "Hey no matter what, I could always go get a job tomorrow if I had to" is my mantra.  Of this…I am certain dad. 

Now as I develop my own company, I find myself reading a lot less news…and watching a lot more Star Trek. 



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