John Ratzenberger is LIVE

  1. Our military is using foreign bullets, armor, and shoes.
  2. Without a manufacturing base, how will we make the things we need to protect ourselves in time of large scale war?
  3. Shop courses /home ec classes cancelled…in Oakland and drop out rate went up 30%.
  4. Young people NOT going to manufacturing jobs.
  5. Manufacturing people in the media are depicted as drunks, uneducated, and wife beaters.
  6. Today’s "helicopter parents" hover and don’t let kids do anything.
  7. Common sense comes from DOING THINGS…make mistakes….let kids do stuff.
  8. When something fixed it…you didn’t run down to Target and buy another!
  9. Our politicians are selling out our future.
  10. Don’t vote for anyone that uses the "Clinton Thumb point"  🙂  (Rousing applause on that one)

Great stuff.



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