Join me next Wednesday at 6PM for a talk called: Help! My Business Is Invisible – Increasing Your Internet Findability Factor

 Yours truly will be giving a talk for the New Iowa Entrepreneurs Coalition Meet Up Group next Wednesday, November 19th at 6PM.  Click here for full details and to RSVP and/or Join this meet up group.

Description of the talk is below.  I hope to see you there meeting, interacting, and building relationships with other progressive Iowa entrepreneurs.

HELP!!! – My Business is Invisible
Increasing Your Internet “Findability” Factor
6:00 PM – Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 people, "What's the first place you look to find a business or
information on a business?" and 98 will say Google. Yet phone book ads,
glossy brochures, and static "cobweb" sites still make up the bulk of
many small and medium sized company marketing budgets. Break out of the
old routine and hear some low cost – high impact organic Internet
marketing strategies that will give your firm a fighting chance online.
Doug Mitchell, Founder of createWOWmedia ( will
show you how to increase your Internet Findability Factor and amplify
your online brand with a focus on web video and multimedia.


6000 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312

Come and learn with me through the robust QA that I KNOW will break out.  If you're already "in the know" or a super web traffic findability guru…please come and share your knowledge with the crowd through the QA and interaction. 

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