Just call me Homer Simpson

I’m going to take a class that trains one to speak professionally.  It’s offered by Radio Garage Productions here in West Des Moines, Iowa right next door to me.  I learned about this class after an article appeared today in the Des Moines Register describing the class and its goals.
I’m talking about the voice over, breathing, articulation stuff rather than the content stuff.  I’m REALLY excited by this since I’ve always been able to imitate the radio announcer guy and the movie trailer guy…"In a world filled with…" You know the rest. 

I know my voice is a bit nasally and I don’t breathe properly and I’m looking to solve these issues and learn  from professionals.         



One thought on “Just call me Homer Simpson”

  1. Doug,
    You will love the class! The “professor” is a talented man, Steve Matthews, a good friend of mine and a professional we have used for years at the agency.
    I look forward to hearing your homework!

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