Kids v. No Kids

I had a wonderful chat the other day with my good friend in CA.  We started talking about kids, his idea for a book, and the perspective on life that is gained when becoming a parent.  We’re both parents of two. 

We bantered about the amazing life changes that occur when you create a being of your own flesh and blood. I don’t know any parent that wouldn’t kill without hesitation if someone or something took an action against their children that warranted it. 

As our life’s circles shrink down from our twenty-something "Group of Friends" into the "Moms and Dads with Kids"…the chasm between the "kidded" and "non-kidded" grows ever wider.  Not getting married and having kids is a choice that I respect…but it certainly does put a wedge in that "perspective" when you have responsibility to set the stage for and craft the foundation for another’s life. 

Food for thought.         



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