Killer Value Wine – Costco

Thanks again to Dr. W for the big wine find of 2007.  Concha Y Toro has wines at many price points, but their Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile (2005 is what I have) is unreal.

If you’re into BIG CABS that can stand up to rich foods, this fits the bill!  It’s MASSIVE, hugely tanic, but preserves its essences of cassis, black cherry, and dark chocolate well.  We tasted the wine with Dark Chocolate post dinner…again…seriously good pairing.

I’d recommend decanting and/or serious swirling if you’re going to open and drink immediately.

This wine WILL stand up over time if you can wait that long!

Are you ready for the kicker?  It’s 6.49/bottle at Costco right now (at least in West Des Moines my CA friends).  I checked my favorite online retailer and they have it at $8.99. 

The company touts this wine as "The best value Cabernet on the planet" and in my experience, I have a tough time refuting that. If you’ve look at Live Iowa Camera number 2, you’ve seen a case of it on the kitchen island.  That’s what I’m talking about!

Time to fill the cellar.



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