Last 3 of 9

Phil Mickelson won his 2nd Masters Championship yesterday and his 3rd major in his last 9 attempts.  So, right now, Phil is literally winning 1 of every 3 majors he tries. 

Not so long ago, the discussion was the he was "0 for 42 in majors".  My how quickly we change our tune. 

Phil has figured out the recipe for winning in majors and that’s steadiness…not 1 or 2 brilliant shots.  But most importantly, he did it on his own time without giving much credence to what the reporters would say after his "devastating defeats".  He’s one of the winningest players around, is nearly always at the top of the money list, has a seemingly fantastic family, and plays golf for a living.  I’d say he "Won a Major" victory a long time ago.  These are just icing on the Mickelson cake.

I still believe that him winning his first Masters is the sporting highlight of my life.  I was driving in a car, watching on a 1-inch LCD TV, on the way into the Des Moines metro area…and I literally screamed like a little kid. 

Isn’t golf wonderful…you can play until you’re well past the prime of any other career, then start another career (Senior Tour/Champions Tour)..then just keep modifying your swing until you can’t swing anymore period if that even happens.  We saw yesterday that the last surviving player from the first Masters ever is 95 and still plays.  He looks like he’s in his 70’s (compliment). 

If I could travel w/my family the entire time…I’d like to be in the top 50 lets say and you know…somewhere like 100th on the money list.  I could squeak by living in Des Moines.



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