Lefty’s Regression Analysis

Yesterday, we saw Phil Mickelson implode on one of the toughest courses in US Golf major history.  Going into the last 3 holes, Phil had a 2 shot lead.  He could have literally limped home like I play with lay ups and wedges.  Phil did no such thing.  Phil wasted numerous shots trying to be the "shot maker" versus "taking your medicine" like Johnny Miller says.  This was a flashback to the Old Phil.  The old Phil took chances and tried to win majors his way.  His way involves magical shots, taking chances, and abandoning traditional course management for a blast away mentality.  His 3 major wins showed a side of Phil that harnessed his talent into a winning strategy.  What we saw yesterday was a regression to the Phil that was the best pro to not win a major.  It was actually sad to see it.  It’s as though Phil knew he was doing it…but couldn’t help it.

The entire tournament is a testament to Phil’s skill.  He can fire away with his errant driver at will…and recover somehow to make pars.  His talent is indisputable.  His decision making will either give him 20 more majors…or leave him pulling his hair out and shaking his head as his did on 18 last night. 



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