Less Is More

You can just tell when you meet someone whether or not they lead a frenetic lifestyle filled with overbooking, urgent deadlines, and constant "busy-ness".  Technology has helped our population join the collective with Borg like devices hanging from our ear canals and small boxes on our hips delivering CC’d corporate spam email about this or that.  What America needs to recapture is the ability to do less.

Doing less is power.  Finding the time to sit and do nothing with your family allows one to recenter on why those little people and that woman sitting next to you are so precious.  Reducing commitments to key areas of focus will let you provide more results to more people more quickly.  Reducing the clutter and unpacking your mental bags allows one to "redecorate the room of the mind" into a glorious new space with extra room, class, character, and a sense of calm. 

LESS = MORE, my mantra for 2007.   



One thought on “Less Is More”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Work to live, don’t live to work. Life truely is better when you take your own path instead of keeping up with the Jones’. $ does not equal happiness. Being self-sustaining and independent makes me happy. Happy New Year!

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