Lunch with Mitt Romney

After my breakfast with Meg Whitman…I thought for sure I was done meeting high profile folks for a while.  Then I got a call from my friend J. Michael McKoy.  "Come on by for my son’s birthday party…and Mitt Romney is going to stop by, take a break from campaigning…and watch some football" the invite said. 

We headed over early and upon arrival, Steph and I were blown away by the array of cameras and equipment already present.  "This is going to be live on CNN" someone said.  Yikes.  Over the next 45 minutes, about 150 people filled Mac’s living room.  Nice little party Mac 😉

Mitt arrived and shared some mic time with his son.  He stumped on his plans and strengths…then spent time working the crowd. We had a great time and offer up yet further thanks to the McKoy’s and Ms. Hathaway for putting on and managing such a big doin’s.

After departing, I was just buzzed with excitement and joy yet again.  I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in Iowa.  We’ve gone from knowing about 2 people in this state…to living a rich and full life filled with exciting people, places,  and experiences in about 24 months.  As we prepare to caucus tomorrow night for the first time, the excitement is crescendoing!  Much of our network has grown organically (no farming pun intended) because the people of Iowa are so real.  Iowa affords someone who’s willing…a way to connect and extend.  Thank you Iowa and its its people for being the salt of the earth.

You can view the entire photo album from this event on Flickr by clicking here.



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