Madone Shake Down Run

The Trek Madone was put through some very mild testing yesterday.  It felt VERY good and I can’t believe how little energy it takes to put in say 12 relatively flat miles (even with a bit of head wind).  There were times that I was actually coasting faster than my hybrid bound buddy was peddling.  Ah that brought back memories of RAGBRAI last year (Gerard B. heard snickering across the blogosphere this very moment). 

Some adjustments are needed as the bike was put together post-UPS shipping by ME.   It’s a bit off balance since all of the front end pieces are probably a millimeter or two left or right of center…but otherwise, unreal.

I didn’t want to stress to hard, so we road to downtown Des Moines and parked it at the Hessen Haus, a killer German restaurant and pub.  A few Bitburgers later,  we were home bound in the beautiful Midwest Spring weather. 



3 thoughts on “Madone Shake Down Run”

  1. Sweet ride, man. Why burn off all those calories if you can’t refill ’em with some burgers and beer. 😉
    Glad you’re enjoying the new bike!

  2. You have a new bike and you went ONLY 12 MILES??? Gosh…I went 30 yesterday….the ‘headwinds’ weren’t THAT bad!!! Better get use to them….RAGBRAI is just around the corner!!

  3. Ah yess……… Nothin like the sound of someone figuring it out.
    Old Mitch:
    “Spandex?!?! are you crazy?!?!?
    “I just want something upright and comfortable, I’m not a racer”
    “Those skinny tires won’t hold my fat ass”
    “I’m not at the level that I need a carbon bike”
    Hey I road to the beach last weekend and had flashbacks of you, me, and your Dad sloggin it out on the San Gabriel river trail umpteen years ago. Maybe before RAGBRAI we can ask your Dad for advice on how to properly attach a beer cooler to the back of our bikes. 😉

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