Mainstream Moonshine

A great article appeared tonight on
Apparently, last year, GM asked NASCAR to switch to ethanol…and Democrat Tom Harkin of Iowa made the same plea.  What a great marketing tactic this would be for the ethanol cause. 

"NASCAR could help get people fired up about ethanol – and help itself in the process," the article states.  That’s exactly right and brilliant.  If my driver does, I do it…or win on Sunday, sell on Monday are common mantras that are absolutely TRUE in the NASCAR world.  If you don’t believe me, stop by my home office sometime and observe my die cast cars, Jimmie Johnson figure, my Lowe’s 48 hat, and my fridge magnets.  (I haven’t yet bought a Chevy because my driver runs that platform…I have my limits…but Toyota will be fielding teams next year!)

A few years back, NASCAR made the switch from a cigarette sponsor (Winston/RJR) to a technology based sponsor (Nextel) and they’re reaping the benefits big time.  We’re just now seeing the power of this relationship evolve. I don’t think we had a ton more Winston smokers because they sponsored NASCAR but that’s just a hunch.  This is the next step in NASCAR’s progression to absolute mainstream America and Ethanol’s ticket to the big time. 
This could also be the fuel that gets GM and FORD back on track because once the NASCAR nation is behind something, you better be able to support the demand or you’ll be jettisoned.

Universal E85 here we come. 



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