Making Brand Promises One Can’t Fulfill

Lately, I’ve heard a radio spot for local Big O Tire stores. It’s the kind of ad where the owner believes that doing his own commercials will breed credibility and loyalty and put a "real face" on the business via the airwaves.  During the commercial, they make the promise that, "They’ll do whatever it takes to (earn, get, or some other word like that) your business."

Whatever it takes!  Wow.  I wonder if I printed up my own coupon explaining that I’d like to have 3 distinct free services to test their service level at 3 times through a 6 month period before I pay a cent if they’d go along?

Something tells me that this promise is radio gobbledygook and rings empty.  Why would a business make such a desperate promise and likely have NO plans to follow through on it?  It’s just cheap radio bunk that doesn’t help the brand in my humble opinion.

Listen to 93.3 WOW FM to hear for yourself.



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