March is Fickle in Iowa

I woke this morning, the first annual BlogBQ day, to find that snow had fallen…and is continuing to fall lightly.  It’s only 32 degrees so it won’t be around long.  March seems to be a very mixed bag in Iowa.  As I recall last year, it was 78 on a Tuesday, lightly snowed on a Wednesday, then Thursday was back into the high 70’s.

We’re on for today and can’t wait to enjoy some fellowship with friends and the blogging community. 



2 thoughts on “March is Fickle in Iowa”

  1. Doug, it was great to meet you and the fellow masterminds behind the local blogging mafia. Your hospitality and food was amazing – thanks to you and Stephanie both for an excellent time!
    P.S. I hope you got my good side on the web cam! : )

  2. Great site Doug. Thanks for the leadership tips and fun. Love that wine sample – and just sipped the same last week!
    Looks like NY is not the only moody weather site at this time of year, Doug. We too got wooed out last week by spring that peeked in and melted the entire thick blanekt of snow. Just when we breathed relief and planned to be out the snow hit again and dropped over a foot of snow. Stay warm.

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