Market Place At Jordon Creek: The Inevitable Has Arrived

As reported in the DSM Register…the market is either going to find a buyer or is going to close.  It’s too bad but predictable.  The scope of the market was a bit too big.

I actually find the comments from the ownership in the article a little offensive.

Collins said the specialty food store concept was “foreign to people in this market.”
“This is a specialty store with a more boutique-like atmosphere that is more pricey than what they are used to,” he said.

If by "foreign to people in this market" he’s referring to items available at many other places for far less money…and a meat counter that was sparse, somewhat gray, and poorly presented..then he’d be correct. We are used to robust meat counters with plenty of inventory.

That was parting low blow in my opinion and not necessary.  It’s not our fault that this concept store failed (there are others thriving sir).  The business plan that you funded was doomed from the get go.  Oops. 

Now let’s all have a pork chop on a stick and go see the Butter Cow.



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