Marketing the Master

I’m a big golf fan, and during the Open Championship today, I saw the Nike Swing Portrait commercial.  It caught my attention, made me stop cold in my tracks (I am watching on my PCTV and was typing away), and brought chills down my spine.  I could feel the grace and power of Tiger’s swing and this advertisement conveyed it expertly.  The call to action at the end of the message was simply a web address that went to immediately to re-watch this piece.  Here, the ad highlights all of Tiger’s gear, clubs, etc.  The commercial was shot using a military technology digital imaging system that can take 4000 digital images per second.  Sit back and experience Nike’s (or Nike’s agency’s) excellence…and don’t forget the box of tissue to dab your eyes.) Put your credit cards at least 50 feet away so you don’t immediately start buying Nike equipment on line.

Click here then select your mode, then start the commercial.  It’s self-explanatory.  Turn your speakers up.



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