Mediacom Subscribers: Prepare to Get Jack Bauer On Someone’s #$%#@$%

Istock_000000129461xsmallMediacom (our humble Midwestern cable company) has been in a lasting dispute with Sinclair Broadcasting Group)  Apparently, Sinclair wants more money than Mediacom is willing to pay to get the content.  A full article appearing in USA today about the subject is here.  The bottom line is that in Iowa, that means that Fox (NFL, American Idol, 24, etc.) will be gone. 

In an effort to keep customers, Mediacom is offering customers rabbit ears!  Granted, you CAN get the signal…but in our TIVO on demand world, rabbit ears don’t help me.  VCR?  Yeah right.  What a ridiculous situation.  DirecTV is offering mega rebates that make it even MORE worthwhile to switch to satellite.  I’m entrenched so far because they’re giving me 5MB upload and 10MB download Internet for $30/mo and I have my local phone and obviously TV through them.  I really only care about 24 and will probably end up buying them on itunes or something…but I’m still blown away by being offered something I haven’t used since…ummm…??? to tune in my favorite show.  I know you can pull in HD via the airwaves these days…but I don’t pay $$$$ for metal bits protruding up the back of a 52 inch DLP HDTV.  Figure it out Mediacom/Sinclair.  Or I will become frustrated and jettison your services…and tell the world about how I was welcomed by the competition.   



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  1. Here is another point. This year DirecTV is going to have NASCAR On Demand. 10 extra channels channels each showing an individual driver with stats and team communications. I think it is like $80 for the entire season.
    I switched form Dish Network to DirecTV earlier this year. No complaints here.

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