Meeting in the Middle

An article in the Sunday edition of the Des Moines Register addressed a key issue facing the future of Ethanol and Iowa’s leadership in the marketplace.  The bottom line is that fuel blends with 10% Ethanol (the current blend that replaces the MTBE blend throughout the US), will top off someday in the near future, leaving the E-85 (the purest blend of Ethanol right now consisting of 85% Ethanol and 15% gasoline) to drive the market.

The article points out the car manufacturers have already joined in by promising delivery of a much larger percentage of Flex-Fuel vehicles over the next few years.

The big AH-HA in this article though is the realization that we’ve come full circle now with respect to clean air and Ethanol production.  The oil industry an produce cleaner burning fuel without Ethanol whatsoever.  This has really become about "renewability" and that’s a good thing in this author’s opinion because for whatever reason, we’ve found a bit of equilibrium between the "clean air/renewable at whatever the cost" crowd and the "don’t overburden business while we transition to the new technology" crowd.   I think substantial Venture Capital is supporting this balance.  Also, no one is talking about milking the rich to fund these initiatives (Yet.  Give it time).

Additionally, I’m pretty certain that we’re in 100% agreement on the "get the power back from the middle east" piece. 

Douglas Durante, executive director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition, says, "Clean air is not a driver.  We really have come all the way around."   



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