Message to Mediacom: Goodbye and Good Luck

Unfortunately, I don’t believe my leaving will  make a difference at Mediacom…but I finally overcame inertia and bailed out.
Here’s how I architected the departure.

  1. Found acceptable speed dedicated DSL from Qwest at a fixed price for life.
  2. Had home number ported over to Qwest basic line.
  3. Bundled DirecTV HD package also.

Savings.  I’m down from the "you’re not a new customer anymore so here come da’ pain price of $167/mo to about $117 (4 tuners on the DirectTV system).  Yes, I had to pay some upfront for the equipment with DirecTV but amortizing over 1 year is still a savings then year 2 things are looking much better. 

I’m really not so concerned at this point with how GOOD Qwest and DirecTV are.  However, I’m elated to be exorcising the Mediacom demon (save for Scott Westerman who I think doesn’t work there anymore).  It’s pretty bad when ANYTHING is better than SOMETHING. 

I won’t go into the reasons why I’m leaving…..oh who am I kidding.

  1. Blatant disregard for the customer when resolving most issues.
  2. Staff that doesn’t seem to have the power to resolve anything…rather simply read the screen (not their fault I’m certain).
  3. Laissez fare attitude regarding the competition and their offers.
  4. They pulled my music channels (which we use a lot) and I have no idea why…nor could they answer this when we called.
  5. We’ve been on a "waiting list" for new equipment (HD DVR and regular DVR receiver) that actually WORK most of the time vs. cutting out audio or pixelating because of a feed burp.  When calling again and again, "there is no list Mr. Mitchell…but I’ll get you on the list right away" huh?

Blood boiling, pulse accelerating…time to put on some Limp Bizkit and go scrape ice off the drive way.  @$%!#@%#!@%$@#^%#@^#@$^%$
"Let the anger flow inside you Doug……….(breathing into toilet bowl).+

If you’re from Qwest or DirecTV and you read this, sorry I’m not coming to you on better terms.  We’ll have our chance to build a relationship soon enough. 



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